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How to attain happiness in life? 

At Stellavingze, our founder believes that our life does not require us to attain perfection but rather the emphasis of pursuit of happiness through completion of various aspects of a beautiful life. In this era, women have to shuttle between workplace and home and learning to strike a balance between these two roles requires us to be strong but not looking too tough, soft but not appearing weak.

With these goals laid out, we are honoured to present you our latest publishing, ‘關於幸福,我真的知道’ which is a well-illustrated and comprehensive book, clarified and explained with good examples set forth by our founder, Datuk Stella.

We believe having the right attitude and positive mindset will prepare you to forge ahead with life challenges, therefore much effort has been devoted into every publishing we feature in StarLadies Publishing House to transform your thoughts and renew your perspective because we hold fast to our beliefs that all women deserve to lead a happy and fulfilling life.