HerPower: Driving Economic Entrepreneurship across World Continent

The rise of HerPower is a rising trend we can’t ignore, from quality of education to immerse of women’s workforce into market contributing professional and entrepreneurship in building own business and driving the economy. While women are flexible leader in nature, creating a management habitat that enterprise and corporate can adapt and function efficiently, and capture the consumer market. The Sheconomy era has not only spawned a female consumer group and excellent women group, but achieved great results in the economy and commercial field with impressive sales lead.

According to the "China Women's Entrepreneurship Research Report", 40% of entrepreneurs are made up of women aged 25-40, and women's entrepreneurship age group is becoming younger. There are a number of more than 29 million Chinese women entrepreneurs, accounting for about a quarter of the total number of entrepreneurs.

According to the Boston Consulting firm 2014, female entrepreneurs in the United States accounted for 10% of their population aged 18 to 64 in 2012, while Chinese women accounted for 11% of the total, European women are more entrepreneurial compared with the United States, and more than France, Germany, Russia, etc.

From the 20th century, female entrepreneurs in the proportion of global entrepreneurs, less than 10% in the 80th century, quickly rose to the current rate of about 20%, and even report statistics, female managers are more operational than male managers - Compared with male entrepreneurs, women entrepreneurs operating enterprises, the proportion of profit is 7.8% higher, maintaining at 4.3% of the proportion, while loss rate is lower than 12.1%.

Women's economic power in the market can not be ignored. Ladies, there are still many potential market waiting for everyone to develop, expenditure is no longer a luxury, but to meet the needs of life. With the improvement of women's spending power, the female consumer market is the stage where you explore you true potential!



盤點過去成功創業的女性,她經濟(Sheconomy) 時代不僅催生了女性消費群,一群優秀的女性踏浪而來,並且透過柔性銷售的方式,在經濟和商業領域取得了不俗的成績。 

根據《中國女性創業研究報告》,25歲-29歲創業的女性佔40%, 明顯的女性創業正趨於年輕化。中國女企業家數也已超過2900萬,約佔全國企業家總數的四分之一。

根據波士頓咨詢公司 2014 年的資料顯示,2012 年美國女性創業佔到其 18 至 64 歲人口比率的 10%,而中國女性創業佔比達到 11%,與美國相當,並比法國、德國、俄羅斯等歐洲國家女性更具創業精神。



Subverting The Strong Women Stereotype In Workplace

There are significant difference between traditional and modern women, [Female at home, Male at work] philosophy no longer applicable nowadays. Numbers of women with outstanding performance in workplace, occupying higher positions in corporate are increasing, and [Iron Lady] emerge as a description towards these group of capable ladies.

[STRONG] are a compliment label towards men, but brings negative stereotypes to women.

Independent, perfectionist, unable to trust others, tough personality, straight forward, and mindset of a man, are most of the first impression people have towards [Strong Lady/Iron Lady].

Instead of being a [Iron Lady] who everyone admire, its better to be a [Capable Women], who has a clear direction towards their life, able to achieve their dream with their self-ability, not being dependant towards others, able to management their own life, great communication, wise in problem solving and fully shows the beautiful character of a women.

Such women able to lead the corporate team in a flexible and harmonious way, same applies to corporate leadership and management, compared to men who are stiff and tough.

In this month of March, let’s strive towards a complete self and become an attractive Capable Lady!

#stellavingze #herpower #shEO #StrongWomen #PowerfulWomen








#stellavingze #herpower #shEO #StrongWomen #PowerfulWomen
#女力時代 #女人妳能 #創業 #創新 #女強人 #強女人

HerPower: Express you “HerPower” Ability

HerPower era is here! Are you ready? While world is changing in centuries, women starting to step out and contriubute their ability in career. 
According to Taiwan (2013) female labour statistic, 50.5% women contributed in career development, and the numbers keep increasing year by year. According to latest statistic from Finance ministry, 1.33 million women entrepreneur in leading a corporate has achieved 36.1%. While women started contributing in career, how can a woman balance their life between career and family? 

Women evolved from traditional housewives destiny to professional entrepreneur and leaders nowadays, HerPower era is the time where women mind set and ability are increasing, taking control of the business and economy trend with Sheconomy, ShEO as the new powerful words to describe the current women’s professional capability. 

Compared to men, women are more careful and patience, achieving great results in beauty, slimming, health and fashion digital industry, estimating to have more female entrepreneurs in future! 

Ladies, can you feel the strength of “HerPower” that brings a brand new hope to us ladies in achieving our dream with our abilities? It all falls on your decision whether you want to be one of the HerPower leading the economy.

HerPower女人妳能:發揮“妳能” 專才 


根據台灣主計總處統計去年(2013) 女性勞動參與率達 50.5%,女性在就業市場的比例逐年攀高。據財政部最新統計2015年底台灣133.3萬家企業中女性擔任負責人的比重達36.1%再創新高。在更多女性投入職場的同時,如何讓女性職場與家庭間取得平衡變成了許多職業女性關心的切身課題。

女性的角色從悲天憫人的認命,到白領、專業、商界與男性們一較高下,今日女力時代來臨,女性思維與業務力的提升,逐漸邁向掌控政商經濟的趨勢,著實讓Sheconomy, ShEO 等套用於新時代創業女性的名詞運運而生,“女力創業風潮” 正席捲新世代女性們的思維。


姐妹們, 妳是否也感受到這股“女力創業風潮”所帶來的希望,而妳本身是否準備好要與世界創業成功的女性企業家們並駕齊驅,好好發揮女人,女能的鏗鏘本領呢?這個要與不要的答案,全在你自己!