Blessing . Love | Happy Mother’s Day

Today is Mother’s Day. Stellavingze International hereby wishing every mother a blessed and blissful “Mother’s Day”!

Mother, a position that no one can replace. Because of you, she is strong! From 9 months of pregnancy till grown up, she put all her effort and life in taking care of us. With tears and laughter she walked with us along the journey of growing up, ups and downs. All she wish is your happiness. No matter how she nurture us, she gives all her love and heart for us.

Dearest Stellavingze Ladies, give your dearest mother a hug, and love her more!

Mother is a multi-tasker. One day only when you are a mother yourself, you will understand how much effort and dedication a mother gives to her family. Not just a mother, but a mentor, wife, daughter and many more, juggling for a balance everyday between self and family. It’s a mission impossible but a mother did it with no return asked. She is strong and she persevere to become your role model, to guide your through your path and to lead you to a brighter future.

Wishing every SuperMama a blissful healthy and beautiful life filled with happiness!