Subverting The Strong Women Stereotype In Workplace

There are significant difference between traditional and modern women, [Female at home, Male at work] philosophy no longer applicable nowadays. Numbers of women with outstanding performance in workplace, occupying higher positions in corporate are increasing, and [Iron Lady] emerge as a description towards these group of capable ladies.

[STRONG] are a compliment label towards men, but brings negative stereotypes to women.

Independent, perfectionist, unable to trust others, tough personality, straight forward, and mindset of a man, are most of the first impression people have towards [Strong Lady/Iron Lady].

Instead of being a [Iron Lady] who everyone admire, its better to be a [Capable Women], who has a clear direction towards their life, able to achieve their dream with their self-ability, not being dependant towards others, able to management their own life, great communication, wise in problem solving and fully shows the beautiful character of a women.

Such women able to lead the corporate team in a flexible and harmonious way, same applies to corporate leadership and management, compared to men who are stiff and tough.

In this month of March, let’s strive towards a complete self and become an attractive Capable Lady!

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