HerPower: Express you “HerPower” Ability

HerPower era is here! Are you ready? While world is changing in centuries, women starting to step out and contriubute their ability in career. 
According to Taiwan (2013) female labour statistic, 50.5% women contributed in career development, and the numbers keep increasing year by year. According to latest statistic from Finance ministry, 1.33 million women entrepreneur in leading a corporate has achieved 36.1%. While women started contributing in career, how can a woman balance their life between career and family? 

Women evolved from traditional housewives destiny to professional entrepreneur and leaders nowadays, HerPower era is the time where women mind set and ability are increasing, taking control of the business and economy trend with Sheconomy, ShEO as the new powerful words to describe the current women’s professional capability. 

Compared to men, women are more careful and patience, achieving great results in beauty, slimming, health and fashion digital industry, estimating to have more female entrepreneurs in future! 

Ladies, can you feel the strength of “HerPower” that brings a brand new hope to us ladies in achieving our dream with our abilities? It all falls on your decision whether you want to be one of the HerPower leading the economy.