Stella Chin | Connecting World with Dream

Stella "Women can be self-reliance not because they are born with it. In fact, life pushes women on the path to be independent. With a experiences and challenges life throws, women knows that only with self-reliance, only she can survive, by becoming stronger, she can protects her loved ones. I named the strong belief of women as “strong and not weak”, only when soul is strong, women will escape the stereotype of weakness.

Women will self-pity, mostly due to failure in gaining other’s respect. “Self-pity” represents giving up, asking for sympathy and help from others. However, my dear sisters, if self-reliance able to give you a life with dignity, if self-reliance able to give your confidence and courage, please remember that “self-pity only won you little sympathy, but you will win your future with self-reliance.

I choose to be strong and self-reliance not because I’m born tough. Even after many years of embarking on the road of entrepreneurship, I have my requirements and principles, and I always keep in mind that when back in home, I’m a woman, a wife, a mother and a daughter. Becoming an entrepreneur and a leader is never my dream, but today, I flew more than 170 times a year in air, connecting dreams of women around the world together as one. This has become my mission, to empower women with self-reliance, and explore the world you can never see inside a kitchen.

Sisters,bravely step out from your inner world! You will find the sky is wider and brighter outside, and you will be glad that the world are filled with clouds of wonders and hope, connect the women forces together, just like in Stellavingze, shining bright and warmth like sun, enlighten the sky with sunshine and connect out dream together!”