Learn from the Inspiration: Breakthrough Limitation

There are more and more women taking parts in various field with outstanding performances in this HerPower Era, creaking the traditional pattern and structure, and create excellence results! Gentle and flexiblility if women, with critical thinking and able to solve problems with wisdom have created a positive impact in today’s workforce and nation development. All requires courage, determination, wisdom to establish the achievements, let’s be inspired by 8 ladies around the world with their grate stories

Angela Merkel

Angela Merkel, won the first place in the world most influential women in 2016, maintained a unified European front after Britain's departure from Europe, balanced the Russian forces, managed nearly one million immigrants into Germany and resisted ISIS.

Hillary Clinton

First and only First lady to participate in politic, the only first lady elected as New York Senator, and been named as “The Nation’s 100 Most Influential Lawyers”.

Janet Yellen

German Christian Democratic Party first female party leader, first female chairman since association establishment, reformed Germany and stood as Europe first country, and fought twice European and American European financial crisis and standing still, known as the saviour of European economy.

Tsai Ing Wen

Taiwan's first female president, participate politics as a professor of law, Asia's first non-political family background country leader.

Melinda Gates

Was named the American Times magazine 2005 "Person of the Year", the current director of the Washington Post and drugstore.com, established the Foundation with donation up to 36.7 billion US dollars, and actively concerned about women's issues.

Michelle Obama

America's first African-American president first lady, selected as one of the best public figure by media, and was the first United States First Lady to official visit to China.

Aung San Suu Kyi

The incumbent National Adviser of Myanmar, the minister of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Presidential Affairs Department, being under house arrest fo 15 years and have been elected as the President of the National League for Democracy. Won the Sakharov Award, the Nobel Peace Prize, and awarded the highest honor of the Congressional Gold Medal by the US Congress.

Christine Lagarde

The famous antitrust laws and labor law lawyer, created history by becoming the first female chairman of Baker & McKenzie International Law Firm. The current president of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), also the first IMF female president.