Janice Wong | Spreading Wings of Transformation

Janice " Without Wisdom, we woman will lose our passion and direction!

Women are often restricted to 2 choices, career or family. Lots of woman will either be full time housewives or supporting husband business, and lost their own passion in chasing their career. Is it really true that woman can’t succeed in career when they have family? NO! I believe we can manage our life with wisdom, just like my coach – Stella, she proved that women can achieve balance between both career and family.

Starting from “Balance”, we need to have self-management and self-requirement, keep improving in every stage of life, only with self-development, we feel fulfilled; only with self-reliance, we can achieve “Balance”. I see women losing themselves in terms of ability, thoughts, structure, wealth, health, beauty, self-confidence, women will start to complain and blame their husband, child and their surroundings. I don’t want to be that women with traditional thinking with poor health, beauty and wealth in my husband and children’s eye.  Hence, I choose to manage my life in every stage of life!

Society composed of every small family, I think women should strive to keep improving, and able to accept challenges in the society. We should not have the mind-set of “I Can’t, I’ Don’t Know and I shall stay at home”

Manage your time, manage your family, manage your life, and manage your body, mind and soul, and stay connected to the society. Embrace life with passion, and you can achieve your dream and happiness too! I believe, as a mother, if we lose our passion and fighter spirit, we can never nurture our child to be passionate too!

Another advantage of social work able to keep my value as a wife. I’m able to support my husband with advices. Without this ability, I will not be able to succeed with him and enjoy the beautiful scenery in life together. Without being independent, my parents will not be able to enjoy their life while worrying about their daughter.

Happiness that I have today is my fruits of dedication in managing my life, fully fulfilled my role with wisdom in balancing. These are the most precious experience I can never gain back. Being able to love and being loved, being able to give to not just my family and friends but the society in need, this has become a purpose of my life. So my dearest sisters, play your role and happiness will be with you.

I am thankful and grateful for my past, and I am passionate for my present, and I am anticipated for my happiness future!”