Jenny Chen Splendid Route of Entrepreneurship

Jenny "Regardless of gender, Entrepreneurship is no longer a man's patent! According to the Ministry of Economic Affairs in SME [2015 SME White Paper], the number of small and medium enterprises in Taiwan more than one million, accounting 97.61% of all enterprises; 99% of women enterprise are SME.

In such era of digital technology, there are multiple ways to connect to massive people with digital network, and many have succeed in breaking through and expanding their business in digital platforms. Many women around me, especially my generation, gradually building their family and becoming mother, purchase goods through online store, create common topic and interest, whether through LINE or FB community, we can manage family while building our business. However, among many varieties of business models, it’s essential to own a unique one in a million product. Hence, choose the right successful model, build core team, and achieve sustainable business.

I’m grateful to meet a very successful role model who balanced both her career and family – Datuk Stella, before getting married. She proves that a woman can achieve a complete balanced life full of happiness. This gives me courage and perseverance to change myself from a professional nursing staff, escape from the professional stereotyped mind and thoughts, expand my limits, not just becoming a entrepreneur, but a successful female entrepreneur.

Of course, I know it’s not an easy path, grown up in a single parent family, and as the only daughter, when I have my own family, I played my role as a wife, daughter in-law, I need to know myself and recognize myself better, and adjust myself immediately! In the same time when I started establishing my career, i have lots of uncertainty and lost my confidence in gaining success. I learn to balance between career, family and education, to balance with wisdom. This is a tough journey but it colours my wonderful life. It’s just a part of my life chapter, and it’s my responsibility to make it splendid.

Entrepreneurship is never easy, but I trust every women is multitasker, able to manage their family and marriage, because I believe with heart, we can complete our task and not forgetting to improve our self everyday, in this digital technology era, we can build our empire!