Entrepreneurship Program for Women

Be An Entrepreneur. A place where you build your empire.

Are you looking to start your own business? Need professional advice on setting up a franchise? If yes, we can help! At SHINNING Star, our "franchise your business" section offers you opportunity to expand your business, and if so, how to go about franchising your business. Over here, we provide you the right platform for franchise opportunity.

Our franchise business structure allows you to buy into our established business and obtain the right of use of our company and business model, including signage, product and operation standards.

To do this, you have to buy a SHINNING Star franchise. In order to qualify for a franchise, you have to pay a initial fee directly to Stellavingze International.

After which, you will go through a training period where you will get to learn about the StarLadies way of doing things such as our standards for quality, service, value, formulas, specifications and our method of operation. After that you will operate the business from a specific location for a fixed period of years, following our guidelines for decor, signage, layout and everything else that makes up our name Stellavingze International.

With the provision of right platform by SHINNING Star, women can now achieve success and discover franchise opportunities ideally-suited to their needs, be it less risk, less financial capital or greater time flexibility.

Feel free to consult us for a non-obligatory discussion and to find out key tips on selecting the right franchise opportunity, funding your businesses, choosing of business location, and much more.